Vegas Never Sleeps with Steven Maggi will explore world-class attractions from Las Vegas, including hotels, dining, gaming, attractions, special events, conventions and more!!

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Mob Museum, Scott Deitche, and Roni Beth Tower

Join us as we dive into the history of the mob in las vegas with a visit to the mob museum, hear from famed mob history buff Scott Dietche, and here from psychologist Roni Beth...

Juno Reactor, Erotic Heritage Museum, Frankie Scinta, and Brett Maly

Eclectic! Electric! This week, we chat with EDM pioneer Ben Watkins of Juno-Reactor about the group's groundbreaking music, world tour, and upcoming show at Caesars Palace, then Kelly Shibari takes us to Harry Mohney's Erotic Heritage Museum Las Vegas, then the great...

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Experience the excitement and energy of Las Vegas each weekend on VEGAS NEVER SLEEPS with Steven Maggi.

Listeners across the country and around the world will enjoy this weekly romp to Las Vegas, the capital of fun, food and entertainment. For the latest Vegas news and a look behind the scenes of world-class hotels, dining, gaming, special events and conventions, turn to VEGAS NEVER SLEEPS with Steven Maggi! Hear about those things that only happen in Vegas, as well as how this oasis in the desert has transformed into a visitor’s paradise welcoming over 43 million tourists each year.

Steven Maggi’s passion for Vegas with all its interesting characters-and decades of experience as one of America’s favorite interviewers-makes VEGAS NEVER SLEEPS the go-to audio home for all things Las Vegas. VEGAS NEVER SLEEPS is a one-hour weekly radio show heard across the country. Tens of thousands more listen in online at, where bonus content is available too.

“This show is not just about gambling,” Maggi says. “Las Vegas is much more than that. I want to treat the listener to the wonderful world of Vegas…the over-the-top, larger than life, excessive, delicious, and indulgent stories that make this place so special.”

VEGAS NEVER SLEEPS combines the unique approach of in-depth conversations, bringing the timeless excitement of Las Vegas to the world. Maggi’s approach is a blend of genuine curiosity, a keen interest in his guests, and an easy-going vibe…it’s the lost art of great conversations. Maggi, who has hosted Radio Free Washington, Free America Radio, and the Steven Maggi Show since 2008, enjoys thoughtful, probing discussions with his guests, creating a unique listener experience.

The show is well-researched, but can go in any direction depending on the conversation that day. That’s the hallmark of Maggi’s interview style. The result? Conversations that are sometimes funny, often provocative, but always entertaining.

Combine an intelligent, likeable host with a roster of guests covering everyone from the famous to the fascinating, in a climate as fun, fast, and flashy as Las Vegas, and you’re bound to get an earful of interesting conversations. The show provides guests an expanded format to “go deep” on topics. The format also includes a roster of regular commentators who know Las Vegas news and history intimately.

Every weekend, VEGAS NEVER SLEEPS with Steven Maggi gives listeners a virtual taste of Las Vegas, sharing all that the city offers. Listen in, it’s going to be a trip!